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Pain from our past or worries about our future can make it hard to enjoy the present.

This can leave us feeling sad, confused, lonely, angry and struggling to make sense of how and why we feel this way. Or maybe we don't feel anything we just feel numb.

As a qualified and experienced counsellor I can help you develop strategies to remain in the present, heal past pain or work through future worries. Contact me to make an appointment

"We think we listen, but very rarely do we listen with real understanding, true empathy. Yet listening, of this very special kind, is one of the most potent forces for change that i know".
-Carl Rogers-

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Hello and Who I am

My name is Leanne and if you are reading this page perhaps you are choosing to now start investing in yourself and your emotional wellbeing, which can feel quite scary, I hope to make you feel more at ease and give you an insight into who I am, how I became a counsellor, how I work and how I can help you, so here goes........

I am a fully qualified and experienced therapeutic counsellor. I became a counsellor as a result of my own personal journey, I understand and have experienced first hand how powerful counselling can be and have seen the positive impact of counselling on those I have worked with and their lives, the personal growth and ultimately the fulfillment that comes from counselling.

How I work

My approach is person-centred which means I believe as individuals we are all our own experts. In my practice although person-centred I draw on different theoretical models and bring in tools if or when we decide together they may be useful, there isnt a magic formula, a one size fits all, in my practice I work with and am led by you my clients as you are your own experts.

I place a great sense of importance on the client/therapist relationship and work at a relational level to create that deep understanding and psychological connection. For change to happen we need to build trust within the therapeutic relationship, you need to feel confident to speak openly and honestly, to not feel judged, to feel heard, understood, to feel unconditional positive regard and to know this is genuine. I will be myself and encourage you to be yourself. I will ask 'what happened' not 'whats wrong.' I will work with you to understand what you are bringing, how you feel and how this impacts your present. I will see you the person.

I offer compassion and kindness, empathy not sympathy and throughout the counselling process you will naturally build resilience, nurture and pull on the strengths you already have that have helped you to get where you are today.

Who I work with

I work with adults 18 and over experiencing a wide range of issues that include and are not limited to low self esteem and/or confidence, anxiety, relationships difficulties, work related stress, abandonment, issues around trust and loss.

I also work with adults who are experiencing burnout and/or health conditions such as FND, CFS, Long Covid & other chronic health conditions.

I am based in North Yorkshire but work nationally across England offering both online counselling via zoom and telephone counselling.


I have extensive experience of working within mental health, domestic abuse and sexual violence settings. I have experience of face to face, telephone and online counselling.


ABC Awards Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
ABC Awards Advanced Counselling Skills
NCFE Accredited Child Sexual Exploitation Practitioner

I am committed to continuing my professional development and regularly attend training.

I adhere to the strict code of ethics laid out by the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP).

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When might we seek/attend counselling

  • when it feels right for us as individuals not because we feel we have to or someone tells us we need to
  • different times in our lives
  • when feeling overwhelmed and want to find our own ways of managing these feelings, to relieve some of the stress
  • We do not need to be in crisis to seek counselling, in fact counselling is used to aid prevention and build resilience
Why we seek counselling

  • when experiencing difficult times
  • experienced a stressful or traumatic life event
  • experienced or affected by abuse  
  • dealing with bereavement
  • loss of employment
  • coming to terms with a life changing illness 
  • having relationship issues
  • unresolved feelings from the past are unlocked and no longer able to ignore them
  • life feels overwhelming
  • suffer from anxiety
  • have low self esteem
  • lack of confidence and self belief
  • feel stuck
  • feel powerless or trapped
  • feelings of anger and/ or guilt
  • feeling responsible for others
  • to nurture ourselves
  • for greater self awareness
  • for self acceptance
This list is not exhaustive and many of the reasons people come to counselling are often intertwined whats important is that you want counselling and you identify what it is you want to focus on.

How counselling can help

  • promote autonomy
  • build reslience
  • increase self esteem and self worth
  • identify unhealthy relationships
  • improve relationships
  • develop and maintain healthy boundaries
  • identify negative thoughts and challenge these
  • alleviate stress and anxiety
  • empower you to feel in control of your own life and emotions
  • build on existing coping strategies
  • widen your window of tolerance
  • work through anger - identify the cause and any underlying feelings
  • better able to express emotions
  • become more assertive
  • a greater self acceptance
  • increase self awareness
"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change" - Carl Rogers

Face to face sessions £50

Telephone session £50

Online session £50

Each session usually lasts for 50 minutes to an hour

Initial face to face session £30

Initial telephone session £30

Initial online session £30

An initial meeting will be for 30 minutes to an hour. 

If your feeling a little unsure I can offer an initial session at a time we agree together, this creates an opportunity for you to ask questions, to discuss what you would like to get from counselling, for me to share how I work and to see if you would like to book counselling sessions.

Fee concessions available for trainee counsellors

I provide my bank details prior to the start of counselling and ask that payment is made by bank transfer before each session.

To book an initial appointment or make an enquiry please either call me on 07958739937  or email me

 Talking to you has meant I have heard my voice for the first time in years and the questions you ask help me understand how I am feeling. 


 After being with Leanne for the first five minutes I was like this person is actually trying to understand where I struggle and not tell me what to do.We discussed what affects me and when it affects me to find a way to overcome this. 


 Counselling has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I would seriously recommend it to anyone, I’ve discovered things about myself within my sessions that I would never have expected to. The lessons I’ve learnt and the support I received from Leanne have not only helped me heal from past trauma, but they have had a positive impact in every aspect of my life. Leanne is so lovely, friendly and welcoming I can’t recommend her highly enough. What I have learnt about myself through my sessions will stay with me my entire life 

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